Purim Shabbaton 2011

Rochester Jewish Deaf hosted a successful Shabbaton (weekend retreat), during Purim 2011…


We had :

A Power Point Megillat Esther guided reading!  For many, this was an incredible opportunity…AND…the FIRST time they were able to follow the Megillah reading.  The Hebrew and English transliterations, along with animations in critical places made this an educational and enjoyable experience for all.


Socializing with friends…local and long distance!  It was great meeting people with different backgrounds; there was plenty of opportunity to discuss religion, judaism, and other topics of interest in a non-judgmental environment.


More learning from Joshua Soudakoff (standing up on right), eating great food, and socializing!


KODAs! (Kids of Deaf Adults)  Kerry G, Zippy S, and Yael G know how to have a great time!

Rabbi Fred Friedman provided valuable insight and humor!



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